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    i feel my 6yr old is out of control


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    i feel my 6yr old is out of control

    Post  shasta on Thu Apr 22, 2010 4:43 pm

    Where to begin? my 6yr old has a.s. and i feel as if i have no control over him. when i ask him not to do something he does it ne ways and when u tell him no or he doesnt get his way he will start yelling and hit himself either in the legs or in the face. and now my 3yr old who doesnt have a.s. is trying to act like him. my 6yr old grunts and yells and hisses at me and i just ignore it but part of me thinks that if i ignore him then he thinks its ok. i take his toys and make him sit in timeout as punishment. but how long should i make him sit and if he is yelling at me should i make him sit longer? i have rules posted but it doesnt seem to help. i have tried a marble system where if he fills up his jar he gets a reward but after a day or so he doesnt care ne more we have tried a sticker chart and that doesnt work. its like he is telling me he is the boss no matter what. and he thinks that just because he is good at this moment its ok. it doesnt matter that 5 minutes ago he was yelling at me in walmart and kicking at me. he says but im being good right now. i just really dont know what to do with him? doesnt ne one have any ideas???? PLEASE

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    Hello Shasta!

    Post  Bluemoon on Sat May 15, 2010 8:58 am

    I feel your pain Sweetie! You just described my 8 yr.old, too.
    To my experience, the traditional methods of discipline are lost on an aspie.
    I'm not sure what all does work as I am still learning these things myself.
    I am told that a rather ridgid schedule is a must. Also, staying calm and not yelling (no matter how exasperating things get - hard to do for me, I'll admit)will get you better results because yelling usually triggers meltdowns. Loud noises in general can. It creates great anxiety in the child and then they are deaf to your words.
    Redirecting behaviors towards more postive ones will yeild better results than punishment.
    You will feel like you are kissing the rear end of a spoilt brat who is defying you at first, but when better communication begins and you see that he really does want to do the right thing, he just needs guidence, your heart will begin to sing. Best wishes!

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    Re: i feel my 6yr old is out of control

    Post  HelpMe on Wed May 25, 2011 8:00 am

    HI Shasta,
    I'm so glad to have found your post. I have an 8 year old that matches the description of your 6 year old to a tee. I am at wits end and I just feel so defeated. I have no advice to offer you as I am so tired and defeated at the moment that I feel rather selfish and like I need help as much as my son does. I need support. My husband tends to ignore the problem. Not the behavior, but the cause or the fact that the behaviors are symptoms. He and I both loose our cool sometimes and I know that is the wrong thing to do, but our son seems so impossible to deal with at times. I don't have time to write more now, but I'd love to share more and hear more about your situation via this forum. Do you have a support group in your area? Good luck!

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    Re: i feel my 6yr old is out of control

    Post  Kell on Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:07 pm

    One of my children has a high IQ, but his social skills, school work and his behavior is a challenge. I have been praying to the Lord Jesus Christ and for his help. Then my husband narrowed his symptoms to Aspergers. Children with Asperger seem to have something in common. They have social skills problems and they also are lacking protein because of their digestive system. I came up with an protein shake that helps him have more control of his digestive system and because of that, he is getting the protein that he was lacking.

    This shake will change your child and your life for the better. Thank Jesus for this shake.

    Give it to your child EVERY morning( at least M-F). Let him/her drink 1/2 to all of it. You will see some changes every 9 weeks.

    You try it too. I recommend you to try it when you have a day off, because you will need to have a restroom close by and drink plenty of water during the day and eat it with a meal. You be the judge.
    I drink 1/4 of it and it sends me to the restroom in 5-10, but I now something is change in me for the better.

    I call it the:

    Saldivar-Keller Aspergers Shake:
    (works your stomach, your brain and many other parts of your body)

    3- small spoons of lentils cooked**
    2- organic eggs (white only)
    3-4 - strawberries
    few - blueberries
    Mix these ingredients in a Magic Bullet or one similar.

    Then add:
    1- banana (med or large)
    fill- it with crushed ice (or whole)
    some -milk for liquid
    Mix it again until it is all mixed.

    ** heat water, then add lentils 1/2 a bag. Simmer for 30 mins. Put it in a Tupperware for daily use.

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    Re: i feel my 6yr old is out of control

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