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    General Asperger Questions


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    General Asperger Questions

    Post  complexsimple on Sun Oct 27, 2013 6:35 pm

    My husband who is 34 was recently diagnosed with Aspergers. We are trying to make some sense of it and learn how to coexist more peacefully together. Here are some of my main concerns.

    Does your asperger partner appear selfish? I know he is withdrawn and doesn't like to socialize, but he tends to think more of himself than of me or others.

    Do any other NTs of asperger partners feel alone and unappreciated? How do others cope with feeling this way?

    Do any of you have an issue with your asperger spouse being very black and white. My husband can't seem to change plans once they are made. If he does have to unexpectedly change plans, he can get very annoyed/upset and become quite irritated quickly.

    Can anyone offer any advice or tips on how to communicate better with an asperger spouse.

    My asperger spouse doesn't really show affection too much. Do others have this same issue and what ways do they deal with it?

    My husband has his own ways of doing things and gets upset if I don't do things the way he suggests. I guess he puts a lot of thought into anything he does and thinks of his ways as the best way. Should I just accept this or are there ways to compromise?

    He's very matter of fact when speaking. He doesn't seem to have a filter and says things as he sees them. He sometimes comes off as being rude and apathetic.

    I'm a very sensitive person and find his behaviour hard to deal with.

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