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    An Adult is Wondering about Possibility of Having Asperger's


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    An Adult is Wondering about Possibility of Having Asperger's

    Post  molly78 on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:49 pm

    Recently I became exposed to Asperger's from the movie Temple Grandin, and second by reading the Penelope Trunk Blog, also remarkable. Both experiences resonated powerfully in me. I am not trying to find something wrong with me, because there is something wrong with every person living, that's just a fact. But, I am beginning to believe that I might have Asperger’s and probably have had it since an early age. When I review my life, I recognize that my experiences are similar to some of the characteristics of people with Asperger's. I don't know what on earth I can do now about it now, but wanted to reach out to other adults here and see if there are suggestions. The least I can do is verify if it's true and do what I can to make the rest of my life the best it can be. When I think of what I have been through as a child, teen and much of my adult years, it is downright mind boggling how I got through it. We are not talking about regular life experiences. I am talking about a series of repeated occurrences of behavior that cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered normal human development. If I had been the parent of a child or teen like me, surely I would have seen, oops, this one here needs a little more help than the average bear. I will be happy to share examples privately if anyone is interested.

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