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    An Exile from 'Aspies Central'

    Peter A.

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    An Exile from 'Aspies Central'

    Post  Peter A. on Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:46 pm


    I'm here precisely because, after having been banished from another site known as 'Aspies Central' for simply having the courage to express a view that ran contrary to the beliefs of a perverted bully who likes to pretend he is an 'Aspie' (one of the 'moderators' there), I decided that I should join at least one forum where the expression of ideas, even ones that are not exactly popular, wasn't censored.

    Being a genuine 'Aspie' (as opposed to those who like to pretend they are - i.e. those in charge of 'Aspies Central'), I simply CANNOT tolerate or condone dishonesty, power games, censorship, and all of the other stupid practices that we usually associate with NT's, and so I will say here what needs to be said, even if - especially if - it causes some people discomfort, or the impulse to re-examine what they believe to be true. THAT is how things should be, and MUST be, if we are ever to solve the challenges that we, both as a group and individually, face with any hope of success.

    Thank You

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