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    So very, very, tired.


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    So very, very, tired.

    Post  Bluemoon on Mon May 17, 2010 5:24 pm

    I feel like my world is shrinking again. It was always very isolating to be E's mom when he was a baby, cause his crying was so constant and grating you couldn't take him places.People would complain. As a toddler through to about 4 he was better, enough that you could socialize some, but the fits were still problematic and the attitudes of our community were so negative and unsupportive (He just needs a good butt whoopin they thought)that we soon became very isolated again.
    Then, this year.
    New school, an IEP in place, E actually made a friend! I made some, too. But, something has unraveled in my son. When people come over he behaves horribly, but then he has fits when they leave, too.
    Same with if I go to a friends house. E does OK when we are there, but then has a fit when we leave and the last two times he had horrific behavior for days afterward.
    So, I'm thinking I need to keep to a strict schedule. No surprises. No going last minuet to help a friend. No friends allowed to drop in here without days of advance warning.
    No phone calls that interupt the evening routine.
    I feel like I am being closed into a box with a child who acts like he hates me (and he tells me so) whenever I ask anything of him.
    Forgive me, it's been a REALLY rough day where I have struggled with wanting to help a friend, knowing that if I tried E would make it nearly impossible, tried anyway and he did. He also got in big trouble at school for the 4th time in 6 days. Had to stay after....and it accomplished nothing I can see except to make him more unruly than ever. Nothing seems to be able to make him connect consequences with his behavior.
    Finally, after a HUGE 2 1/2 hour struggle to get 10 minuets worth of homework done....I'm shot. I let him watch TV. I shouldn't have after all the....sigh.
    I just needed it to stop. TV stopped it. He wasn't asking for it, but I knew it would work.
    Good news is I found a case manager so maybe now I can get some good, hands on practical help in dealing with all this.
    Thanks for allowing me this place to purge these thoughts.

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    Saldivar-Keller Asperger Shake

    Post  Kell on Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:50 pm

    One of my children has a high IQ, but his social skills, school work and his behavior is a challenge. I have been praying to the Lord Jesus Christ and for his help. Then my husband narrowed his symptoms to Aspergers. Children with Asperger seem to have something in common. They have social skills problems and they also are lacking protein because of their digestive system. I came up with an protein shake that helps him have more control of his digestive system and because of that, he is getting the protein that he was lacking.

    This shake will change your child and your life for the better. Thank Jesus for this shake.

    Give it to your child EVERY morning( at least M-F). Let him/her drink 1/2 to all of it. You will see some changes every 9 weeks.

    You try it too. I recommend you to try it when you have a day off, because you will need to have a restroom close by and drink plenty of water during the day and eat it with a meal. You be the judge.
    I drink 1/4 of it and it sends me to the restroom in 5-10, but I now something is change in me for the better.

    I call it the:

    Saldivar-Keller Aspergers Shake:
    (works your stomach, your brain and many other parts of your body)

    3- small spoons of lentils cooked**
    2- organic eggs (white only)
    3-4 - strawberries
    few - blueberries
    Mix these ingredients in a Magic Bullet or one similar.

    Then add:
    1- banana (med or large)
    fill- it with crushed ice (or whole)
    some -milk for liquid
    Mix it again until it is all mixed.

    ** heat water, then add lentils 1/2 a bag. Simmer for 30 mins. Put it in a Tupperware for daily use.

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